Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week 32

So yes i am really tired this week has been a jam packed one! so yes i kinda hit the wall. also in another sense... 

as i was leaving the office i might have scratched the van on the wall (as our exit is reallllly narrow). so that wasn't too fun! but it was thursday morning as we were leaving to go deliver a new bed to some elders out in the middle of nowhere. But really all is well just about every elder that has ever worked in the office has made this mistake. and the insurance pays for everything! but still it wasn't the best day as we got stuck in traffic and all of our appointments fell through :( and i couldn't get my daily street contacts as i had to go fill out a police report (because if you fill it out the same day the church pays for everything!) but yea, i chatted with president and he said don't worry these things happen and i shouldn't feel too bad about it. so yea thursday was kinda a crummy day for us.

So this last sunday as we thought that a bunch were going to come to church... only flor and her son made it :( and she was super confused because she has been kinda catholic brain washed... so she said she didn't feel very comfortable in the church but that she kinda liked it. so we were pretty heart broken when she said that. and we had two visits with her that went ok but it still just isn't clicking for her entirely... mostly with how we having living prophets with the authority of god. but we just believe that she is going to take a little longer and require more patience. 

But we have the Ingrid! she couldn't make it because she was sick, but she still have a date for the 13th of Feb!!! and when we visited her on monday she was sooo excited! she said she had been reading the BoM and she just feeling excited and at peace in her life!! we then explained to her how it is the keystone and she really understands! she is soooooooooooo prepared! 

And then we have the Alejandra who is super receptive but just really hard to find her in her house, because her phone does not work... but we have lunch set up with them today (at least we are hoping that they will give us lunch) and she potentially would get baptized the same day as Ingrid! she couldn't come last week because they went camping. and we had an appointment with her on thursday... but we were stuck in a taco... But we are really excited for her too because she has real desires to be baptized!

As for the office we have been pretty packed with a lot of planning for a conference we have to put on next week. one thing that is starting to terrify me here is that the senior couple that are the secretary and finance guy are leaving soon... and they don't have replacements, so elders will have to be pulled in. so the chances are that i might be in the office for a good long time... so please pray that they will be able to find another senior couple!!! or mom and dad maybe chile is calling ;) 

But all is well here i'm still loving life down here! the people just crack me up and the office work is keeping me busy! hope that you all have an awesome week!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 31

Well before i tell that story i thought id tell the motto that me and carpy have taken on this cambio. 'go hard'. we have realized that really th only way we can get everything done in the office and sector is by never letting our diligence down. and this week we really did do it, and now we are super stinkin tired, but hey its p day!

So this week we got a call from some hermanas that their house was infested with pulgas (FLEAS). oh man i love my job so much! so we just go over to this house and attack it with poison getting all the usually flea spots. i took all of their blankets and sprayed them and beat them and the E carpenter literally took the time to make the bed perfectly lol. the things we do for our missionaries!

this week I realized how fast i can fix a toilet like seriously less than 10 mins and im out! maybe the lord is prepping me to be a plumber! nunca sabe. 

We also had to search for some houses which is always fun (not really) we had to drive out to the middle of nowhere and just go around contacting peeps asking about the neighborhood and seeing if the even have any houses. and man it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot that day, and all they have to drink is coke lol. 

But enough of that stuff. our sector is on fire right now! we have 5 investigators coming to church this week! talk about zero to hero (HERCULES) but really we just have been sticking to the motto of going hard. 

We just called flor yesterday and she made the adjustments in her job to come to church this sunday! and so we are going to put her with fecha tomorrow!!! and her son will come to and we'll see if we can get him in the water too!!!

The daughter of a recent convert is still coming to church and she loves it! we have a cita with her tonight and are going to put her with a baptism date too, and we are like 99% sure right now that she will be baptized!! 

We made contact with a person that returned from vacations and she too wants to be baptized!! we still need to re put her with a fecha but she too is coming to church with her daughter!! 

We also found a super awesome lady by knocking her door! she is super rich and live alone and we had an awesome first lesson about christ and our relationship with god and how we can ask him questions. she was really surprised when we told her that she could ask god if she should move from conce! it was awesome teaching that simple truth!! shes traveling to santiago the help some supreme justice out for a week and she told us that after we can come back! also she speaks hebrew so thats cool.

so yea we're pretty pumped we've seen a lot of tender mercies as we've followed this motto and studied nephi and how he completed his goals. its just so awesome how much work we get to do here! but yea as of now we are realistically looking at about 4 baptisms for feb!!!! get pumped fam, because the church is true!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 30

Yo so this last week was cambios and it was kinda stressful. E Carpenter and I are staying the same (now he's DL) but we had some pretty big changes in the office.... The assistants no longer work in the office... they are trying to make the model sector and are in a neighboring zone. so now we took all of their office responsibilities on top of the housing ones... so yea things are pretty busy here now. like now i am in charge of all the numbers in the mission and i have to compile them and send them to president every week, and a bunch of other random things. so things have been kinda different here with all the work.

But hey were still missionaries and we brought 2 people to church last week!!!!! So last week i contacted that peruvian woman on the street (Flor) and she couldn't come to church because she works, but we were able to bring her son (Diego 13) and her daughter (fernanda 6) and they both really enjoyed it! and Diego we were also able to play soccer with him during the week and gain some confidence! and on tuesday we put Flor with a baptismal date!!! but we still need to work out how she is going to get to church. but she has the deseos to progress and she likes reading the BoM. just so happy we stop her on the street :) and she really likes the church because she feels alone as she is a single mother that moved from peru. also she is pumped how baptism is a clean slate!!!! ugh i just love flor (the golden investigator.... kinda)

We also got the daughter of a recent convert to come to church and she has seemed really interested , but we have not been able to meet with her during the week because of random things like the dentist and etc... but were still trying to get her going because she has 3 sons who probably would be willing to be baptized if she set the example!

We still are looking for more but we've been coming kinda dry this week because we have had a lot of stuff to do with cambios this week! so next week we are hoping that we can get some more time in the sector! But its still great being in the service of my fellow missionaries!!! hope you all had a great week! i love you all! 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 29

Wow time really flies in the office. I'm kinda pooped. but hey I'm gonna finish my first cambio here!!!! and E carpenter and i will stay the same for this next cambio. so we are pretty pumped for this next cambio and really were trying to finish strong this week so that this next cambio we can see some real results!

So we were really going for it this week in our sector trying to find a family that needs the gospel! and as the week went on it was looking pretty rough... members and futures and inv. were all falling through, yesterday we had a couple set up for the earlier part and at least one aspect fell through on each, BUT we ended up having a sweet family home evening with one of our recent converts and her daughter and grandkids (Who are not members!!!) and they were al super interested and want to come to church this sunday!!!!!!! we came out of that noche de hogar full and pumped (because she also made like a shrimp pizza that was BOMB) but they are a sweet family and they expressed a lot of interest in the plan of salvation as in the NdeH we really only shared about Christ and his atonement. But WOOHOOOOO news!! 

Another family that we found was a Peruvian woman that i contacted in the street. she was just feeling so alone in the world (because preu is kinda like the mexico of the states). But she was really pumped when we told her about how the church can bring that friendship that shhe needs and that as she has her heavenyl Father in mind she will never feel alone! but she was super excited and we need to commit her to church tonight, because she is like a nanny for a house and we need to see if she can move around her schedule. but we really think she can do it!!

Those were the biggest triumphs of the week! as for inv. that came back from vacations they all kinda dont have the desire.... sooooo we might stop with them....

But as for the office we have been pretty bust getting everything ready fro cambios making sure that each house have enough beds and that missionaries and cleaning them for these cambios. im pretty tired so i think E Carpenter and i are going to Lider (Walmart) and then home to nap! hope you all are having a great week!!!! Love you all!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 28

No not that much is really going to change! but think guys none of you will see me in person for this entire year! pretty crazy stuff! but i hope that you all we able to have a great new year and that you guys made some awesome goals! i sent the vid of what i did at midnight in the christmas drop box so you guys can see what happened ;)

so on new years evening we go to eat dinner with a member so we at with a less active that the other missionaries found. but i dont think they told her that we had to be home 11... it was super awkward because we had to tell her like uhhh we cant be here after 11 we need to be home so we had to bring a plate of pasta home... it was kinda lame but ya gotta be obedient if you want baptisms and blessing. but i got a huge i mean huge party popper that you can see in the vid. it was pretty sweet. but then the next morning the other elders attacked us with other huge party poppers they got lol. and new years day was kinda interesting because the streets were just full of drunks... but theyre harmless, they always try to speak in english with us lol 

so a funny thing with the office now is that i have low key become the IT guylol. i have formatted quite a few excel spread sheets for a bunch of random stuff. but it is nice to see i guess my talents being used. 

Not much progress was seen with our investigators as just about all them traveled... so we have been trying to find a lot which is always interesting in the city!