Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week 32

So yes i am really tired this week has been a jam packed one! so yes i kinda hit the wall. also in another sense... 

as i was leaving the office i might have scratched the van on the wall (as our exit is reallllly narrow). so that wasn't too fun! but it was thursday morning as we were leaving to go deliver a new bed to some elders out in the middle of nowhere. But really all is well just about every elder that has ever worked in the office has made this mistake. and the insurance pays for everything! but still it wasn't the best day as we got stuck in traffic and all of our appointments fell through :( and i couldn't get my daily street contacts as i had to go fill out a police report (because if you fill it out the same day the church pays for everything!) but yea, i chatted with president and he said don't worry these things happen and i shouldn't feel too bad about it. so yea thursday was kinda a crummy day for us.

So this last sunday as we thought that a bunch were going to come to church... only flor and her son made it :( and she was super confused because she has been kinda catholic brain washed... so she said she didn't feel very comfortable in the church but that she kinda liked it. so we were pretty heart broken when she said that. and we had two visits with her that went ok but it still just isn't clicking for her entirely... mostly with how we having living prophets with the authority of god. but we just believe that she is going to take a little longer and require more patience. 

But we have the Ingrid! she couldn't make it because she was sick, but she still have a date for the 13th of Feb!!! and when we visited her on monday she was sooo excited! she said she had been reading the BoM and she just feeling excited and at peace in her life!! we then explained to her how it is the keystone and she really understands! she is soooooooooooo prepared! 

And then we have the Alejandra who is super receptive but just really hard to find her in her house, because her phone does not work... but we have lunch set up with them today (at least we are hoping that they will give us lunch) and she potentially would get baptized the same day as Ingrid! she couldn't come last week because they went camping. and we had an appointment with her on thursday... but we were stuck in a taco... But we are really excited for her too because she has real desires to be baptized!

As for the office we have been pretty packed with a lot of planning for a conference we have to put on next week. one thing that is starting to terrify me here is that the senior couple that are the secretary and finance guy are leaving soon... and they don't have replacements, so elders will have to be pulled in. so the chances are that i might be in the office for a good long time... so please pray that they will be able to find another senior couple!!! or mom and dad maybe chile is calling ;) 

But all is well here i'm still loving life down here! the people just crack me up and the office work is keeping me busy! hope that you all have an awesome week!!

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