Saturday, March 26, 2016

Week 40

so this was a pretty full week. no it was super super full. might have almost cried a couple of times... but all is well.

So the JONES! this week i literally felt like i was on one of those home tv shows where you are flipping a house. and there is a weird kinda impossible deadline. so with the apartment there was mold growing certain parts and the whole apartment is wallpapered... so we had our usual maestro look at it and he said yea i can do it itll be easy and itll look good.... sounds a lil too good to be true right? yea when he did what he thought would work, which wasnt what we exactly agreed on, it looked awful. just bad. and this was wednesday... they came today. so i had to find a new maestro who is super capo with wall paper. so finally late on wednesday night i found jeorge. a super old man that is ssooooooo good with wallpaper! but he still is finishing up right now... and the jones are already here. so they are going to stay the night in the mission home until tomorrow. but yea it definitely was a nail bitter kinda week with that project...

But hey im still a missionary so gotta baptize some peeps right? so last sunday juan and his daughter came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he is progressing very well! Priscilla is still kinda in all with us but we still need to get them married soon. we might just get them to run over to the registro and do it real quick and then plan out a big one in the church for later. so im pretty sure that juan will get married. but man oh man do i love juan. i feel like we have a very similar conversion, im not saying that i was a drug dealer in a past life, but with the smaller things. plus he's taught us how to speak more ghetto. but this week he did surprise us! he bought a suit!!!!!!! and dress shoes!!!!!! so we just need to work out some little things with him and he is good to go! 

But yea it has been a pretty full week down here in conce! i love my calling! i love my assignment! and life is good. its not easy but it is worth it! love you all! and hope that you all have a great easter! and are getting ready for conference!!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Week 39

so this has been another very very full week. But hey now we are half way done with this long cambio (8 weeks).

So we had one move this week which was pretty interesting... the sisters like forgot to ask members for help on the moving day... so it was just me in the van lol. and i now knwo the fullest capacity that van can take. might have even just stacked mattresses on top without rope! didnt drop a single one!! but now they live a a much nicer and safer house. that literally have bars on every single window! (thank you maria, the dueña) and we got a new house for some elders that litterally are living in one of the worrst houses i have seen. and now they will have a sweet brand new one on the first of april! but seriously their old house is bad, like rats can get in really easily! 

But one thing that jumped up on me this week is that a new senior couple comes in a week and i had a couple of apartments for the other senior couples to look at... they didnt really like them oops. so we are moving one couple into a hotel apartment for a while wile i work with some peeps to re wallpaper it and paint the walls with anti mold paint... all before next saturday!!! so please pray that all goes well with the jones! Ive learned that when you have about 6 old people on the same project they all have very different opinions. que fun!

]As for this week in the sector i came in with the attitude of si o si we are finding and bringing peeps to church! so far we have found 4!! and we took two ofthem to a baptism yesterday and they really liked it! and juan is still truckin along. he didnt go last week but he reeaaally wants to come this one. i usually have to call him because we dont have time to run all the way to the other side of the sector. he's so ghetto im surprised i understand him at all. but yea it has been a lot of work but im just hoping and praying that some come to church this week!

So yea just another full week here in the office! Literally if i lost my little Nokia phone I think i would die, maybe we'll see if prez can hook us up with an upgrade?! But all is well here. just grinding! love you all!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 38

so yea this was a pretty long week for the office... i think in total i got like 12 hours in the sector.

For the Hermanas houses throughout south america they have started installing security systems... so guess who has been putting together security systems?! yep yours truly. so that has been kinda fun setting that up with all the sensors and stuff! and yea i have been doing a lot of negotiating for prices on houses and apartments this past week. the thing i learned is that you should never have the fear to just say no and know that the lord probably has a much better plan. 

This next week we are moving two houses! so please pray for them that all will go smoothly! 

As for the sector juan has been doing ok... priscila really doesn't want much with the church in reality... and they got in a fight recently... so i'm really hoping  that at least we can get juan to church. because we taught him about the sabbath day and it all just clicked for him and why he shouldn't work on sundays but go to church and rest instead! but it'll be tricky because we have another multi-stake conference, i think its for like all of chile. we'll see what happens there. 

But yea thats been my week. just a lot of busy work! but you gotta do what you gotta do! and hey if anyone comes back to chile with me post mish i know like all of this region and major highways now! i literally think i have seen the entire mission! 

But i love you all dearly! i hope that you all have an awesome week!! 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week 37

So Yea i am EXHAUSTED. this was a full full week. there were two big conferences each one with half of the mission that happened this week... and we moved a house... and i set up like 3 other moves for the next couple of weeks! Needless to say im pooped. BUT HEY ITS PDAY! and tomorrow is the day of rest ;)

So last week was stake conference! we had an awesome 70 come who is from santiago. he had an amazing talk during the adult session on saturday. he was talking about missionary work and how if each member left por lo menos once with the missionaries during these next three months, we would see miracles! 

Since it was stake conference it was in a different building and juan couldnt make it........ so I was pretty bumbed. and then on tuesday when i was doing my daily call to juan, he was like my señora wants to talk to you guys..... and i was like aw chuta shes going to tell us she doesnt want us teaching him about how he should be married. so we pass by that night, and Priscilla was like I want to get married!!! and i think that its a sign from God that you two are here teaching about marriage! so they currently have fecha to get married the 2nd of april!!! and all 4 of them have fecha to get baptized that same day!!!! WOHOOO, so they are looking great for the moment! we still need to teach them some of the commandments so please keep them in your prayers!!!

We also found an inactive chick that has two sons that she wants to baptize!! her name is paulina, and man oh man her life has been rough since shes stopped going to church... really really rough... when we last passed she said no no i wont go to church until im ready and im not ready right now. but at the end of the lesson after the prayer, in tears, she said 'I have to go to church!!!!!' her sons only stay with her on fridays and sundays so they are good for church!! and thety are pretty receptive! so We are pretty excited about them! but man oh man is she an example of just stay true to the church!!! 

As for the office things are going a little crazy. as of now there are 7 houses in the moving process..... so fun right?! ugh please pray for me and my comp. some of them are really close to being done we just need the security deposit back, but we are in chile. 

Sure do love all of you and am so grateful for all the prayers and things you do for me!!! hope that you all have a great week! 
Elder Livingston