Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 66

so he got dunked!!! and man it was a sweet service! plus his wife came and now is super interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

but yea this was an interesting week as there was an emergency cambio in our zone and my old ward got two more elders. so they were lost as could be so we had to do a couple of mini cambios to help them find some people to teach! plus i had another mini cambio with another sector. o sea.... i only worked with elder hayne like 3 days this week! weird right!! but it was pretty fun doing that and plus it helped get a lot of excitement in our zone!!

so yea guillermo is all good we are just now woroking on getting him an asignment! and now we are string to work with the wife!

maria had a CRAZY week! last night he fiance overdosed on random drugs and ran away... and i still trhink they havent found him.... but oh man she is so firm in the gospel right now! we explained that as she gopes to GC fasting that she will get her answer as to leave him or stay. cause its always safe to put the money on the prophet :)

other than them we are just teaching like anything that walks! its pretty fun because i think now i have learned every 'excuse' not to listen. but still it really makes me feel like being a witness and bearing testimony in every moment!

oh yea we had a sweeeeet sacramewnt meeting called the sunday that no one missed! pres catala came and gave a sweet talk that got us a TON of refernces! plus guillermo got confirmed! 

oh and we went to the temple grounds with a partial family! the temple here has really progressed!

love you all! have a great week! 

ps the church is true

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 65

sorry im writting late...yesterday everything was closed... everything so we even had to buy food today! but its like a second pday! but wow this was a pretty interesting week here!
so we first had zone conference. which again ate up the whole day. like i had the last interview and it was at 9:30pm...... i couuld just see that prez was tired but still he is the man! but yea it kinda ate up a day of wokr....

then we had 18!!!!! so on saturday we were basically at the church all day for activities! it was pretty fun and chill, but it felt weird... and then the attendance on sunday ...... yea it kinda hurt, but maria and guillermo both came!

so guillermo is all ready! he get baptized this friday! we still are looking for pants that fit him... yea he's a big guy. but he is so ready! he spends his afternoons watching talks by president monson! so were hoping that we can starting getting the wife ready to be baptized too soon!

and maria.... wow she is doing sosososo well! she had a great spiritual experince this last domingo and she is feeling really good for the 7th! her husband to be is still kinda a punk but we'll see what happens with him. he still has some kinda drug problems.....

but yea all is well here just got over a cold that really jusst zapped all my energy... like all the members this last week kept telling me i looked tired. but im feeeling better now and ready to find some more choosen peeps! love you all so much! have a great week!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 64

look him up.... youll all laugh i promise most members call me the little frog, just look him up youll understand,

so wow this was a long week. but it has been paying off! we were able to finally complete the standard of excelence in our sector. but man it literally meant that we were running around sunday night to finish up everything!

so guillermo is doing so well! we just talk now about what kinda suit his going to buy! but he is all good for the 23rd!

ok so the pareja of maria came back....... so her fecha fell....... BUT they got a fecha to get married! so she'll get baptized the 7th! and were still working on the boyfriend, but hey atleast he came to church!

Really not much to tell here! really we are jsut trying to find more chosen peeps here! love you all so much!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 63

Wow these are longer weeks here in bio bio! We still really are just focusing on finding people aka a lot of walking a talking with whoever will listen! But we are starting to see some good fruits from our labors! 

So a family that we found out first week knocking doors has started to progress pretty well! They read the fillets together as a fam! And the best thing is, that they're married!!!!!!! And they our both super receptive! The father has already accepted the idea of getting baptized so this week we're shooting for getting them all with fecha! And the dad came to play soccer with us on Saturday night! Their names are Ana and arnaldo 

So Guillermo is still doing great! He just short swamped with work but he still is good with the 23rd!!

So the other elders in this sector passed us an eternal investigator that was not progressing. And literally after they did that her boyfriend moved out aka she can get baptized!!! We had a sweeeeeet lesson with her and put the goal for her to baptized the 23rd also!!! She feels really good with the fecha! Her name is Maria and she is from Uruguay!

But yea we're just working hard out here! And ps I'm actually writing you all from my bishops phone lol. All the cibers are closed for some reason. 

love you all!!! Have a great week! Enjoy fall! It's warming up down here!