Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 64

look him up.... youll all laugh i promise most members call me the little frog, just look him up youll understand,

so wow this was a long week. but it has been paying off! we were able to finally complete the standard of excelence in our sector. but man it literally meant that we were running around sunday night to finish up everything!

so guillermo is doing so well! we just talk now about what kinda suit his going to buy! but he is all good for the 23rd!

ok so the pareja of maria came back....... so her fecha fell....... BUT they got a fecha to get married! so she'll get baptized the 7th! and were still working on the boyfriend, but hey atleast he came to church!

Really not much to tell here! really we are jsut trying to find more chosen peeps here! love you all so much!

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