Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 36

So cambios happened! and i stayed in the office and Elder Carpenter left for another zone :(. but he was pretty happy to leave. but he did leave me with A LOT of work! and my new companion is elder Sowards. he is from spanish fork utah and arrived at the MTC with me... so we have to the same time in the mission. and he was in the other part of the office but got moved over to housing. so this has been a pretty interesting cambio...

So yes like i said carpy left a good number of jobs to do. one of which was to find a house before monday!!! because the hermanas were getting kicked out of their house that day... so all of yesterday we were fasting and running around a pueblito looking for an empty house to rent. AND PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! i was on the phone calling up a house owner and my comp was talking the owner to a little bread shop. she said that a certain house was up for rent but she didnt know the owner. so we knocked that whole block and no one answered... and then i felt like we needed to talk to the bread shop lady again (no not because i was hungry and fasting) but i found out that SHE is the owner! and she agreed to rent it to us!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness i was so happy when we found that house! 

on top of that house we have 5 other houses that are being moved or in the process of starting/finishing... fun stuff... this week i have had only two days in the sector so far.

BUT juan came to church last week!!!! he came with his daughter that has 8 years (PERMISO) they both came with fecha for the 12th of march!! but it looks like we'll have to run the date because as we verified with juan's pareja she wasnt really down to get married the 12th............. so we are having them put another fecha, which hopefully will be soon. but we'll find out what the date will be today. but juan is so so so so awesome whenever he feels the spirit he wants to change things and take action and he does take action!

Other than that we havent had much time in the sector! so there's not much more to say! but i hope that all of you have a great week! thanks for everything that each one of you does for me! BESITOS ABRAZITOS 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 35

Well fam it all worked out! it was a pretty stressful day though! not much of a p day if you ask me but if it means baptism i'm good :) But it was stressful because the water heater was NOT working.... so Elder Carpenter was calling up a bunch of people trying to fix it while i was boiling water lol... neither really worked out in the end and ingrid's face was priceless as she stepped into the water and it was COLD lol but then i confirmed here the next day! and she is feeling really good and happy!!! WOHOO

So this was kinda a stressful week in the office as this weekend cambios are coming! on monday Prez told us oh ya we need to find a house in sector ___ this week by monday.... Cacrpy and i were like uhhh ya prez we'll get on it! so we literally left that meeting to just run around this one sector all day looking for a house to rent... and we found nothing... almost got one but we got there ten minutes late.. boo.... but then the next day prez called us and was like actually we changed our mind we dont need that sector...... smh..... kinda annoying but this is the life as pensionista! we also were spending a lot of time in this one pueblito looking for a house for hermanas that only have like 12 more days in their house.... but we didn't find one there either.... and then we have like 2 other houses that are moving... but yea just a lot of work in the office! 

BUT we still get work done in our sector because we came here to baptize! we did a capilla tour with juan and man he wants to get married and baptized now!! he just kept saying 'tengo ganas a casarme!!' so hes looking pretty good but we still need to get him to church on sunday with his whole fam! but man hes so funny! he told us about how he was cooking the other day and his shirt caught on fire and he didnt notice because he only has one eye lol. he showed us the shirt and everything! and he showed us his tummy and was like 'la huatita está bien!' ugh he's so ghetto i love it!

so we have been working in the super ghetto sector a lot recently because thats where juan lives! and we have been working really hard on just getting into house and inviting peeps to be baptized! and amazingly it works! we found a LA that has two sons that she wants to be baptized and this super old lady that accepted a date of the 12th! so we are really getting excited for march and i'm hoping that we'll see another baptism then! but since we are working in this super ghetto sector... i've been getting a lot of fleas.... ugh I HATE FLEAS... i always feel them bitting me during planning smh, but gotta teach the ghetto chiquillos!!! 

I love my life so much right now! i start out my days in a suit working with gringos and toss the jacket and go work with these hilarious peeps in the ghetto! never would have i thought id be happy knocking doors as a group of small dogs are chasing us! just gotta keep a rock in hand! but love you all and hope that you all have a great week!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week 34

so it was another awesome week here in CONCE! we have been working sooooo much this week but it is all good because it is p day and i might have fallen back asleep after my morning prayer ;) but really we are so excited because ingrid is getting baptized this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! so pumped because this is the first baptism of the ward for this year! 

So ingrid is good to go!! she passed her interview on tuesday and she is feeling very excited! we got the chapel all cleaned up this morning (because chileans do not clean) and things are looking good!! and we are having the bishop baptize her!

So yea in the office we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy! yesterday we literally drove all around the mission fixing/delivering stuff. we left at 7 in the morning and returned at 9 at night! oh man it was a LOT. But we got to go up to linares! i saw the old ward mission leader (RODOLFO!!) he's doing well! but there we had to look in the hermanas' house for rats... they kept calling us telling us there was a big rat problem....... but there wasn't anything lol. E carpenter even went up into the rafters to look for signs of rats, but nothing. so that was pretty fun playing exterminator putting out rat poison! We also got a big move coming this monday for one sector of 4 elders! and we got the keys for the house on thursday!

So one eyed juan made a big step of progress this week! he accepted a wedding date for the 12th of march!! and he will get baptized the same day!! oh man i am really excited for him because he has made a whole 180 turn on his life! and he keeps talking about how he needs to do things for his baptism!! it is so cool to see someone that excited to be clean of all their sins! but man they are dirt poor like they like in a house made of chip board and a tin roof! and he usually comes out to greet us like half naked because its soo hot lol. but he said he's coming to the baptism today and church tomorrow! we just need to start focusing on his fam a little more so we get them all in the font! 

But yes all is well here! just working really hard trying to get all the things we want done before cambios next week! i just still am amazed at how The Lord puts prepared people in your path if you are doing the things you should! Love you all and hope you all have a great week! i might send pics of the baptism later today because it still will be p(ulga) day! 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week 33

So this was a pretty awesome week down here in conce! things went smoothly in the office and we saw some progress in the sector! 

So in the office we had the newbies conference which went perfectly so we were pretty pumped about that! and as the conference was going on i get a call from a dueño saying that we have 30 days to move hermanas from a house.... so i think now we have a total of 4ish house being moved right now!! to be honest i never thought that i would be going around chile talking to people about houses searching for new ones and trying with all of my might, mind, strength, and soul to explain to chileans what a security deposit is lol... they just see it as a weird bonus and always forget that they actually have to pay it back. But things are going smoothly on all the moves for the moment.

We are kinda scared for cambios (which come in 2 weeks) because there are a lot more people coming in, which means more sectors, which means new houses... and E carpenter goes back to normal missionary life after this cambio so yea things will be interesting!

Ok ingrid is the bomb! we were focusing on teaching her the commandments this week and she is keeping all of them!!!! so she is good to go this next saturday! we are planning out the program tonight at the family home evening we have with them tonight!!! so almost a baptism on greg's bday CASÍ

So flor has been going through a bit of a rough patch and now has to work A LOT so we still have been working with her a little but still she is having trouble of even thinking about sacrificing sundays to go to church... but we'll keep working on her.. i think she'll come with time!

Alejandra, the other perfect investigator we still are having so much trouble getting a hold of here!!! they never answer their phones and are never home.... so we have been kinda bummed about that... but we dont want to give up on her yet!!

We found a new in a super ghetto neighborhood , his name is juan!! and he only has one eye... but he is the man! he told us why he lost the eye and it was because he used to be in the drug trade and he got shot...... but now he really is searching for god and wants a nice life with his fam! and when we gave him a BoM he got SOO excited! it was awesome and now he's reading it and he really likes it! BUT he is not married, he has lived with his pareja for 15 years without getting married... so we are going to try to through a wedding for him! but his wife is also super receptive and he has like3-4 kids sooo yea he's awesome! 

But everything is awesome here! we went hiking along the coast this morning! oh man that was nice and peaceful... might have put my phone on silent ;) Hope you all have a great week! love you all!