Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 36

So cambios happened! and i stayed in the office and Elder Carpenter left for another zone :(. but he was pretty happy to leave. but he did leave me with A LOT of work! and my new companion is elder Sowards. he is from spanish fork utah and arrived at the MTC with me... so we have to the same time in the mission. and he was in the other part of the office but got moved over to housing. so this has been a pretty interesting cambio...

So yes like i said carpy left a good number of jobs to do. one of which was to find a house before monday!!! because the hermanas were getting kicked out of their house that day... so all of yesterday we were fasting and running around a pueblito looking for an empty house to rent. AND PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! i was on the phone calling up a house owner and my comp was talking the owner to a little bread shop. she said that a certain house was up for rent but she didnt know the owner. so we knocked that whole block and no one answered... and then i felt like we needed to talk to the bread shop lady again (no not because i was hungry and fasting) but i found out that SHE is the owner! and she agreed to rent it to us!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness i was so happy when we found that house! 

on top of that house we have 5 other houses that are being moved or in the process of starting/finishing... fun stuff... this week i have had only two days in the sector so far.

BUT juan came to church last week!!!! he came with his daughter that has 8 years (PERMISO) they both came with fecha for the 12th of march!! but it looks like we'll have to run the date because as we verified with juan's pareja she wasnt really down to get married the 12th............. so we are having them put another fecha, which hopefully will be soon. but we'll find out what the date will be today. but juan is so so so so awesome whenever he feels the spirit he wants to change things and take action and he does take action!

Other than that we havent had much time in the sector! so there's not much more to say! but i hope that all of you have a great week! thanks for everything that each one of you does for me! BESITOS ABRAZITOS 

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