Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 99

wow time is just flying by this cambio! only two more weeks in the cambio! ah!

so this week was super super crazy for us.... i got a call from pres on tuesday morning basically saying we need to get in some more baptisms before the month ends.... so elder murillo and i had to runa all over getting people ready to be dunked! it was quite fun! 

and also because of that call we prepped elixon (the miracle venezuelan) to get dunked on sunday morning! it was super easy because he was already investigating in venezuela! and we also started to teach his wife and she'll probably get dunked the firday when im home :( but still it'll be a cute fam in the church! 

We also got that couple (jorge and francisca) to put the date to get married! so they will be baptized the 1st of july!! 

but yea all is well here!!! loving these last weeks! hope you all have a great week!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 98

wow so its really cold over here! But all is well!! but man it is funny finishing the mish with someone that is finishing the mish lol! 

But yea we had a sweet miracle this week a venezuelan came to church!!! he showed up on his own and was like yea i came bc i want to be baptized....... i about cried when i heard that! BUT we then found out he lives in a neighbouring sector but we set him up with fecha and everything for the 3rd! 

and then we had a funny experience when pres came to our house..... and our house is kinda rough...... but yea! all is beter now! i got to fix a shower, sink,  and a toillet! 

Love you all so much!!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 97

lol kinda funny that we just chatted!! but it was so good seeing all of you last night (well almost all of you)

so last week we were on the road a lot like i said! we kinda live out of our suitcases for like half of the week. but it was a lot of fun working in the little towns! 

so i got to go to one small town called bulnes, and there its interesting because only 30 members come every sunday! but ther we taught like a colony of haitianos! lol they all spoke french except for one! so uhh yea that was a new experience! 

then we got to work in quirihue. and there they meet in their house for church. so its kinda funny because the church looks like any other random church! but its a super small town lol.

but all is well here! hard to think that this mission thing ends in 4 weeks!!!! love you alll

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 96

wow things are really coming to an end! like i had to give my 'dying' testimony during consejo. and it only makes it funnier that elder murillo also ends this cambio. we keep joking about how we'll do things next cambio. 

so this week was a super full one! we finally got back to our sector here in chillan on saturday morning, and we had to make up for a weeks worth of work! so i was in divisions for a good part of the day just touching doors lol. but it was fun this week being with pres so much, the man is super ambitious! he literally has plans to get the mission split before he ends..... 

so we kinda found a mom and daughter on saturday that came to church on sunday, lisett and coni. and they loved church!!! but it was super funny when we went to look for them in the morning because lisett had washed conis jeans the other day  and they were still wet...... we were just there on their doorstep stressin like uhhh what if we go to members house that has a dryer etc... in the end we got a blanket from a member for coni lol. they have the goal to get dunked this month!

we also are working with francisca, she is going to get separated from her pololo this week supposedly, so she could get dunked real soon, but man her kids are CRAZY! they literally run around the sacrament room during the meeting. and the boy, miguel, we gave him a folleto and he drew mustaches on every single person (except for Christ) lol. 

But yea all is well here just a lot of work to do! we have to do a ton of mini tranfers and show off our sector, so ill actually have 2 straight days in other sectors!

Love you all so much! cant wait to see you all on sunday!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 95

so sorry i didnt write yesterday... it was a little crazy and a holiday! and i had to travel to the office lol. so i spent most of my day on the highway trying to flag down buses!

so yes i got transfered for my last cambio! and i am going to be with elder murillo! he's from logan utah. and he also is finishing this cambio..... lol so hopefully we dont get too trunky those last weeks!

so my last week with elder cowley was pretty great! we found a new family!!! the mom and daughter are super recptive and we got the daughter to church and she loves it! and is actively reading the BoM! 

but yea its been pretty crazy here and it looks like i'll be in the office this week and go to the sector on saturday!

and it was pretty weird having to leave the sector so fast i didnt even get ot say goodbye to peeps... but i have planned an intercambio for later!

but so glad to hear from you all of you!!! and cannot wait to talk to you all soon on mothers day!!!!! love you all!!!