Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 97

lol kinda funny that we just chatted!! but it was so good seeing all of you last night (well almost all of you)

so last week we were on the road a lot like i said! we kinda live out of our suitcases for like half of the week. but it was a lot of fun working in the little towns! 

so i got to go to one small town called bulnes, and there its interesting because only 30 members come every sunday! but ther we taught like a colony of haitianos! lol they all spoke french except for one! so uhh yea that was a new experience! 

then we got to work in quirihue. and there they meet in their house for church. so its kinda funny because the church looks like any other random church! but its a super small town lol.

but all is well here! hard to think that this mission thing ends in 4 weeks!!!! love you alll

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