Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week 49

so this week i would like to give a very special thanks to someone that did something very dear to me... Michael Scott. who organized the run for the cure of rabies. as i now am receiving the vaccinations for rabies... because i got bit by a big ol dog. so we were walking through this one shortcut kinda fast to get to the next appointment and there was just a normal dog chillin there looking through the trash. i guessed i scared him as i walked behind him and then he jumped and bit me right on my upper back thy! so yea.... one of his teeth drew blood and there is like a 3 inch cut on my leg. BUT IM ALIVE! but i do think i'll have to retire a pair of khakis! and now i have to get like 4 more shots, but all is well.

So yea it has been a pretty rough week. The baptism fell through with Cristina.... so yea she'll probably get baptized in the middle of June so that's good.

Another apartment flooded..... I'm just ready to get out of the office.

But we did have a nice miracle with a house that i needed to find! we had been looking at moving hermanas out of a sector because it is too dangerous there. and i had found this one apartment that was just a little too expensive but we were going to get it. But on wednesday a dueña came in to complain about some bill and at the end she told us that she has a place to rent right where we needed one! and it is such a nice house! so we'll be able to move the hermanas just in time for the cambios! 

Other than that just trying to keep on working! finding news and other partial families! But man of man this week kicked my butt. we'll see where they ship me out! I wont get to email you guys till the 6th! Love you all!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week 48

this is it the final stretch! lol i know i've been trying to keep my atitude and mind focused on being here working in the office and in this sector to really finish strong. so literally i have been trying not to waste a single minute here before i leave. 

This week we were still working on installing more security systems in the houses of the sisters. I now quite enjoy installing them and we can do it pretty fast now! and they're pretty nifty with motion detectors and everything! 

so the one thing that i kinda dont like about being pensionista is that at any moment you can get a call that just changes EVERYTHING. on wednesday morning i got one of those calls! one of the sister's apartments washer broke so i had a guy take it and fix it and listo he then sets it up and it looks great. but the drainage hose wasn't tied down........ so that next morning i get a call from the hermanas as their whole apartment is soaking wet..... so i got to spend my day with a water vacuum drying out their apartment! yea.... kinda excited to not get those calls anymore!

as for the sector! cristina is doing well and is getting baptized in a week. we might baptize this other guy because none of his papers are showing up and i honestly belive that he also was never confirmed, but maybe baptized. so we'll see. But the old Soña that we found has a you granddaughter that we started to teach! and man it is so much fun teaching kids! at first she was super super shy and didnt want to pray ni nada. BUT after playing a few games and explaining a few principles she was yelling CAN I SAY THE CLOSING PRAYER!!?! so she has fecha for the 18th of june.  other than those peeps we have been just working on finding more!

Love you all so much have a great week!!! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 47

por fin! i got the smoke detectors we ordered from saltlake! so i have been installing a lot of these during the week!!! so that's been fun! but anything to keep our missionaries safe!

So this has been a pretty full week with the alarms and we finally got the go to install the security systems! so we installed one of those in an hermanas house! That was pretty fun to do as it has like motion sensors and door sensors! anything to keep the hermanas safe! Also to help some other hermanas get out of a dangerous area we found them this sweet loft apartment! it'll probably be the coolest one in the mission! and we were able to negotiate the price down! but we'll be moving them this next week!! also next week i got permission from president to go to the super far away zones (linares) to go there and install things and stay the night!! so i might try to do divisiones with the elders up there :) but yea got a lot of work during these last couple of weeks so that everything will be set up nice and smooth for when i leave and the new pres comes!

as for the sector! We have been verifying and it looks like Christina never has been baptized! so we are going to baptize her at the end of this month! this experience has been very sweet with her as she has explained that she never has felt like a part of the church and we had her brother and sister in law testify of how this baptism will help her and her family!! gotta love it when the members pull out the big guns! and we found a super nice old lady the other day named soña! at first she was like no im busy, kinda like go away... But i was like please please please at least let us pray in your house, and she said yes. then right as we step in we ask how's the fam, then we have a nice little lesson with her about Christ! and now she will come to church this sunday! turns out that a member is a childhood friend of her, so yea we're pumped about her!

Hope that all of you are having a great week and having fun celebrating greg graduating!!!!! I love being a missionary here in the office, it's tiring but someone has to do it! even if it means installing toilet seats ;) love you all! The church is true! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 46

WOW cannot believe that we already get to skype again! time flies when in the office... sometimes lol so yea i'll be here ready at 5 to skype with you guys! i get 40 mins to skype so i figured we could watch the first part of starwars now and the second half at Christmas JK!! 

But yea its been a pretty good week here. just really busy. in this next week i'll be starting up the move on three houses! so that'll keep me busy! but now it's almost east since we've done it so much. but this past week i got to do a good amount of handy man stuff! like i got to fix a shower, fix an oven, set up more curtains, and as always toilets! now i understand why dad would always try to listen for water running in the house and then check all the toilets! 

As for juan.... we kinda stopped teaching him. he told us he was going to be gone for the week working, and then we saw him in the street near his house... so yea no more juan. but its because he stopped doing the little things so the little testimony that he did have faded away. so for us that means. *drum roll* finding!!! seriosuly i have been pushing and working to find so much this week. i think its the most people i have found in one week in all my mission. But most of them really dont want to progress. BUT The Lord blesses those who try!! we found out that a member of a large Ecuadorian family is not baptized.... but she thought she has been her whole life, but it turns out the certificate that she thought was for her baptism was her being presented when she was 6! so she will be baptized on the 28th! But we are really happy that she is willing to go through with the baptism even though it is a lil awk that she wasnt. to me this miracle was just at the right time, but we still had to continue searching with faith!

We also found a teenager that is progressing very well! he enjoys to read the BoM and really relates with nefi. and we have had a couple of lessons where the spirit has been present and he has felt the need to do the small things. but we cannot get him to church because he said his mom wont give him permission... so we are trying to meet up with her later today. his name is vicente and it sounds like if he can he might even start going to early morning seminary!!! 

So yea a pretty good week here. just trying to be obedient and diligent! I'm excited to see you all tomorrow! love you all so much!!