Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 87

well it was another super hot week here! let me explain just how hot it is...

we sleep on bunk beds. elder cowley and i sleep on the top bunks.... we no longer sleep there. our mattresses are on the ground now because it is just too hot at night in our house lol. 

so this week we were still super focesed on the zone and helping one sector out. so we worked there with the elders for a while to help animate them and help find new people to teach! and man it was soooo hot over there! but they had a great week in the end!!!! they got like 49 lwm in the end!! lol we had to bring some members from other branches to help out but it was a sweet ecperience!

so this weekend was kinda lame for elder cowley and me. marcelo and all his family (o sea our teaching pool) all went to the beach for the weekend...... soooo yea but we are still trying to baptize marcelo this weekend! we'll just have to do it after church! and then we'll be working on his aunt that is super excited about baptism too but just went ot the beach with them...

carlos got confirmed!!! and he has his interview for the priesthood on tuesday! PLUS he bought a suit!!!!!!!!! so he's doing super well! now we have the goal with him that he can baptize his brother!!

but also we got some big news! so our zone is two districts and they are going to fuse the districts together!!!!! elder bednar gave the ok. and now the goal is that we becom a stake in september!!! so that was exciting to hear AND we also found out that President Nelson is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in april........ so yea i'll be begging pres in my next interview to stay!! lol

but love all ou guys and hope you all have a great week!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 86

well fam i think that this was one of the BEST WEEKS of my mission.

first i think i might brag a lil about my zone :)
so this week as a zone we all put the goal to 20 lessons withmember present. o sea 300 lessons with member in one week. AND WE DID IT we got 336 in the end! but yea i just love my zone oh so much, i hope i finish my mission here!

so in our sector we had a killer week too! so yes carlos GOT DUNKED! and i got to baptize him! he's super funny because he used to be kind of a drunk lol. like when i first talked to him we got mad at each other lol.

also this week was awesome because i got to a mini cambio with elder hayne! remember him when we were together for 3 cambios¿ it was fun beingtogether again for a day! 

and then marcelo the 12 year old he is doing really well! he still is gettingdunkedthe 4th! and his dad came! and they really liked church! (just got to get the mom and dad married.......)

and then we found the tia of marcelo! and she gotsupersuperexcited when we invited to her be baptized! and then she came to church also! but like 40 mins late lol. i left the meeting to check the font and i called her like 30 mins in and she was like 'im stilling ironing!!!!' lol

but yea life is super good here in linares! i just get more and more scared of jubne 13th. but love you all!!!!!! have a great week!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 85

wow so i hit the 20 month mark this week.... it scares me how fast time is flying! 

so it was a pretty good week here! we didnt get to work for 2 days because we had leader council. and it was really good, pres was just focusing on the new mission standard. and then E cowley and i had to fill up our big suitcases with supplies for the zone. one of the wheels on my suit case broke off becaue of the weight lol. i just use it sideways now. but atleast we have supplies!!

so... we finally made contact with carlos, well first with his  brother. and then their neighbor (who is the ward mission leader) invited them to church. and supposedly in the morning a big truck parked by carlos' house and it woke him up.... just in time to go to church...... oh my goodness we were so happy to see him! and now he is all good to get baptized the 19th! next sunday. and he's super excited about it. its just that he was really busy build rooms for his nephew. but it was so great as he knocked on the sacrament room door like halfway throught the meeting lol. 

so andres... he was progressing sososososoosososo well..... BUT he broke up with his girlfriend thats a member................................................................................................................................................................. so we havent been able to talk to him in like 3 days.... so we'll see what happens, he still can get baptized the 25th, but we're just not sure if it was a flirt to convert....

so we had found a joven last cambio named marcelo that was ¡really receptive but we never met with him again, until one day during the week we just felt like we needed to pass by. we met his mom, soledad. and she literally said 'oye una consulta, ustedes pueden bautizara mi hijo?¿' so yea... they both went to church and marcelo is getting baptized the 4th! BUT WAIT THERES MORE apparently last night soledad was telling her other kids that live in another house, and they want to be baptized too..................... #blessings so we have a ndh with them tonight!

but yea it was a pretty good week here and this week will be a fun one, were going to some sectors where missionaries are desanimated and we going to boost up their sectors! 

But i love you all so much thanks for all the love and support! have a rgeat week!!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 84

i get to stay!! wohoo!

so it was a pretty full week here with the last week of the cambio! the only fire here is our sector lol jk. but we did have a really god week!

onh tuesday morning as we were biking to an appointment i got a call from our branch president and was i got the best reference for you! he's  going straight to the water! we found out that this guy (andres) called our BP and asked for permission to be baptized in the branch.............................................................................. wow. so he's getting dunked on the 25th! and he's super good! and his girlfriend is an RM! so yea he's good to go lol.

then on an intercambio elder cowley found a lady that had just broke up with her pareja of 9 years and was looking for a way to restart her life...... so she was going to get dunked on the 25th BUT!! when we went to look for her on sunday morning there were a ton of cops. someone had stolen her rug............ and they were stillk looking for the guy...... so she didnt come :(

and then carlos was having such a great week! we had a FHE and everything but then one of his nephews houses was broken into... and then they moved in and they had to build a room for him..... so we werent able to talk to him this weekend...... so we still are not sure if he will be able to be baptized the 18th

and then LUUIS! we were kinda starting to visit him less, then we heard from his neighbours that he was hospitalized and then out of nothing he still showed up to church!! and he said he wanted to get baptized next sunday... but he still has a small smoking problem. so we're still working with him!

but yea it was a great week here! this new schedule is great because we get like and hour extra of work! love you all so much!!