Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 86

well fam i think that this was one of the BEST WEEKS of my mission.

first i think i might brag a lil about my zone :)
so this week as a zone we all put the goal to 20 lessons withmember present. o sea 300 lessons with member in one week. AND WE DID IT we got 336 in the end! but yea i just love my zone oh so much, i hope i finish my mission here!

so in our sector we had a killer week too! so yes carlos GOT DUNKED! and i got to baptize him! he's super funny because he used to be kind of a drunk lol. like when i first talked to him we got mad at each other lol.

also this week was awesome because i got to a mini cambio with elder hayne! remember him when we were together for 3 cambios¿ it was fun beingtogether again for a day! 

and then marcelo the 12 year old he is doing really well! he still is gettingdunkedthe 4th! and his dad came! and they really liked church! (just got to get the mom and dad married.......)

and then we found the tia of marcelo! and she gotsupersuperexcited when we invited to her be baptized! and then she came to church also! but like 40 mins late lol. i left the meeting to check the font and i called her like 30 mins in and she was like 'im stilling ironing!!!!' lol

but yea life is super good here in linares! i just get more and more scared of jubne 13th. but love you all!!!!!! have a great week!

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