Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 46

WOW cannot believe that we already get to skype again! time flies when in the office... sometimes lol so yea i'll be here ready at 5 to skype with you guys! i get 40 mins to skype so i figured we could watch the first part of starwars now and the second half at Christmas JK!! 

But yea its been a pretty good week here. just really busy. in this next week i'll be starting up the move on three houses! so that'll keep me busy! but now it's almost east since we've done it so much. but this past week i got to do a good amount of handy man stuff! like i got to fix a shower, fix an oven, set up more curtains, and as always toilets! now i understand why dad would always try to listen for water running in the house and then check all the toilets! 

As for juan.... we kinda stopped teaching him. he told us he was going to be gone for the week working, and then we saw him in the street near his house... so yea no more juan. but its because he stopped doing the little things so the little testimony that he did have faded away. so for us that means. *drum roll* finding!!! seriosuly i have been pushing and working to find so much this week. i think its the most people i have found in one week in all my mission. But most of them really dont want to progress. BUT The Lord blesses those who try!! we found out that a member of a large Ecuadorian family is not baptized.... but she thought she has been her whole life, but it turns out the certificate that she thought was for her baptism was her being presented when she was 6! so she will be baptized on the 28th! But we are really happy that she is willing to go through with the baptism even though it is a lil awk that she wasnt. to me this miracle was just at the right time, but we still had to continue searching with faith!

We also found a teenager that is progressing very well! he enjoys to read the BoM and really relates with nefi. and we have had a couple of lessons where the spirit has been present and he has felt the need to do the small things. but we cannot get him to church because he said his mom wont give him permission... so we are trying to meet up with her later today. his name is vicente and it sounds like if he can he might even start going to early morning seminary!!! 

So yea a pretty good week here. just trying to be obedient and diligent! I'm excited to see you all tomorrow! love you all so much!!

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