Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week 45

hey fam! i can't believe that i'll be sykping some of you soon!! anytime after 3pm here is fine with me, so just tell me what's most comfortable for you guys!

So this was a pretty long week for me. I am now clocking in 5 months in the office. so one more to go!! not going to lie i am getting pretty tired of the office, especially after this week.

So last week i got a call from some elders that live out in the middle of nowhere saying that their beds are awful and destroyed etc. so i finally get out to their house to find that the bolts were just loose on the beds....... 5 mins later they were fine, but also they are trying to move because their house is SO DIRTY. and since its so dirty they have rats... so i now have 4 elders that are not happy with me because i wont move them. but i made these cool rat poison things for their house out of pvc pipes. its so that only the rats can get to the poison and not the cats. we'll see if they clean it this week....

So i have had a lot of questions about how juan is doing... he is not doing so well... he has stopped keeping commitments and now he is falling away. we passed by last night and he was blasting music and drinking......  and he tells us I just cannot give up this part of my life, it's just my rhythm....  so that was a huge bummer to end the week.

we have found some other people that are kinda ok, but no one is really progressing so we still are just finding. but man i LOVE trying to find people by knocking doors. they usually are kinda mean to start but once you say a prayer on the doorstep they feel the spirit and are a little more receptive.

so yea it was kinda a hard week, but at least we have a new one coming up! now its just making sure the E sowards can be ready to be in charge of the houses! But i love you all so much! hope that you all have a great week!!

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