Saturday, April 23, 2016

Week 44

so it was cambios this last week!! and im staying for one more here in the office... hopefully i can make it ;)

But yea it was a pretty full week here in the office with all of the cambios. there are 5 trios in the mission right now. so that means that someone had to run beds all over the mission to make sure everyone has something to sleep on. but in the end everything is ok! lol we even make a huge closet for some hermanas out of the metal cube things. 

Since we were so busy with cambios we didnt work in the sector as much as i wanted but still we got to put in some work! Juan and his family all have their baptismal date for the 28th of may (right before the next cambio ;)) and they are all excited, except the prisila... she still isnt really willing to do much, but she says she wants to be baptized... so we'll see. but juan really is excited to get baptized but man oh man he is sooooooo ghetto. i still believe that it is a miracle that we can even understand him as gringos! but The Lord always provides a way right?! 

we have also been finding A LOT! seriously i love begging to get into houses now lol. sometimes people are like really mean but once we get in and ask so how's the family? then they just open up, it's awesome! but most of them dont progress at all. so we are still looking more more chosen people.

but not much has changed here! now im the oldest in the office............ its strange. but all is well! love you all so much!

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