Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 43

so here's a funny thought. I now have been an office elder longer than i have been a regular missionary.It's kinda weird but... now i honestly know the whole mission, like really well.

So this was a pretty good week for juan! we finally got them to go to the registro to get their wedding date!!!!! BUT.............. juan's identity card was cracked in a part.............. so he had to get a new one..... so he cannot get a date until the 27th of april..... but there is a desire! and man oh man its sun teaching them. they always start out kinda crazy but once the spirit is in the house and they recognize it they understand and accept everything! so hopefully with all of the chaos of the wedding i can still be here for the baptism as i'll stay here till the end of May.

for the office things are going pretty well! closed that awful house for good! but as we took out the old fridge, we found another dead rat under it..... so glad the elders are in a better place!! 

oh and about my old comps E watts and E carpenter! turns out that they will be comps together this next cambio as zls lol! and they both live really close! and i have a bodega in there house!!! so i get to see them a lot!

This week i did get a killer headache one day. i was making calls trying to find a new apartment for some hermanas and out of nowhere i got the worst headache ever. so before we left to work i took a quick nap and was like we gotta put up some numbers! so we have an awesome lesson and then after we are walking out of the house i look over to my comp and say 'yea..... no' we then went back to the house where i just slept till the next day. BUT im doing fine now. im just thinking that like 5ish months in the office is getting to me. 

Love you all so much and hope that you all have a great week!!!!!!

ps the rain has started........................................ and man it rains hard in conce! so i did buy a rain suit from the construction store! man its toasty!

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