Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week 42

First off... thank you so much for all of the letters and love! turning 20 wasnt so bad after all! My birthday was pretty fun, we all got invited to eat a president's house and man oh man it was good food!! and i got dr pepper! so that was pretty sweet!

But yea juan... so on the 5th we were going to swing by and kinda tell him, hey we arent going to teach you if you wont come to church and progress.... BUT he told us he dreamed a dream. in this dream he said there was a guy in a white robe (yea i know) sitting and talking with him. and he held up like a piece of fruit and said this is you, and then the fruit died, and then the guy said you will be reborn and be like this fruit, and held up a bright white fruit.............. now he and priscila have a set date for their wedding!!!! the 30th! and now they are all on board and excited! so that was a nice birthday miracle!! thank you so much for all the prayers for them!

That was kinda the highlight of the week for the sector! other than that just a lot of finding, and a lot of street contacts. but hey i can now get into chilean houses pretty easily! never thought i would be knocking doors begging people for us to be let in and pray for them lol. 

As for the office things are still busy! but it does look like things are quieting done! so thats nice! i did get back a couple of security deposits! so that was nice! also i learned how to install bamboo curtains! the hermanas in that house were pretty surprised to see their new curtains lol. But yea it still keeps me busy here.

I sure do love you all! hope you all were able to see conference! I loved Elder Holland's talk! thought it was a great way to end the conference! hope you all have a great week!!! 

Video with Juan's cat

So Proud of those blinds :)

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