Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 41

sorry this email is a little late! today has been a little crazy with conference, so thats why all the emails came at different times lol.

So this was a pretty good week. I sure am tired!!! i think like two times this week i got up to do my exercises and as i was doing 'abs' i might have fallen asleep on the floor lol. 

As for the office i finally was able to get some missionaries out of an awful house! seriously it was BAD. you could see the ground with grass and plants from the shower drain. and man oh man they had a rat problem... BUT they no longer live there now! so it was really sweet to see how appreciative this missionaries were! they even bought us super 8s!

Juan is still progressing slowly... he just has fear that he will mess up and fall into sin after his baptism. so we are working on that and making him feel more the love of God in his life. but man he has had a rough life, he had his first kid when he was 14!!!! 14 imagínate!!! but he does want to get baptized he's just a lil scared.

So far conference has been awesome! i hope you all are watching it and being edified through the spirit! i loved the talk from elder Renlund! oh man he is so direct and i loved that phrase about relief that comes from far away is often received as if they are entitled to it. and of course elder bednar, about retaining the remission of our sins! that one surprised me because i was just studying that part of king Benjamin's speech.

But all is well here! just super tired! but hay que perseverar cierto?!¿¡ but i love you all so much! have a great week!!!

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