Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 47

por fin! i got the smoke detectors we ordered from saltlake! so i have been installing a lot of these during the week!!! so that's been fun! but anything to keep our missionaries safe!

So this has been a pretty full week with the alarms and we finally got the go to install the security systems! so we installed one of those in an hermanas house! That was pretty fun to do as it has like motion sensors and door sensors! anything to keep the hermanas safe! Also to help some other hermanas get out of a dangerous area we found them this sweet loft apartment! it'll probably be the coolest one in the mission! and we were able to negotiate the price down! but we'll be moving them this next week!! also next week i got permission from president to go to the super far away zones (linares) to go there and install things and stay the night!! so i might try to do divisiones with the elders up there :) but yea got a lot of work during these last couple of weeks so that everything will be set up nice and smooth for when i leave and the new pres comes!

as for the sector! We have been verifying and it looks like Christina never has been baptized! so we are going to baptize her at the end of this month! this experience has been very sweet with her as she has explained that she never has felt like a part of the church and we had her brother and sister in law testify of how this baptism will help her and her family!! gotta love it when the members pull out the big guns! and we found a super nice old lady the other day named soña! at first she was like no im busy, kinda like go away... But i was like please please please at least let us pray in your house, and she said yes. then right as we step in we ask how's the fam, then we have a nice little lesson with her about Christ! and now she will come to church this sunday! turns out that a member is a childhood friend of her, so yea we're pumped about her!

Hope that all of you are having a great week and having fun celebrating greg graduating!!!!! I love being a missionary here in the office, it's tiring but someone has to do it! even if it means installing toilet seats ;) love you all! The church is true! 

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