Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week 48

this is it the final stretch! lol i know i've been trying to keep my atitude and mind focused on being here working in the office and in this sector to really finish strong. so literally i have been trying not to waste a single minute here before i leave. 

This week we were still working on installing more security systems in the houses of the sisters. I now quite enjoy installing them and we can do it pretty fast now! and they're pretty nifty with motion detectors and everything! 

so the one thing that i kinda dont like about being pensionista is that at any moment you can get a call that just changes EVERYTHING. on wednesday morning i got one of those calls! one of the sister's apartments washer broke so i had a guy take it and fix it and listo he then sets it up and it looks great. but the drainage hose wasn't tied down........ so that next morning i get a call from the hermanas as their whole apartment is soaking wet..... so i got to spend my day with a water vacuum drying out their apartment! yea.... kinda excited to not get those calls anymore!

as for the sector! cristina is doing well and is getting baptized in a week. we might baptize this other guy because none of his papers are showing up and i honestly belive that he also was never confirmed, but maybe baptized. so we'll see. But the old Soña that we found has a you granddaughter that we started to teach! and man it is so much fun teaching kids! at first she was super super shy and didnt want to pray ni nada. BUT after playing a few games and explaining a few principles she was yelling CAN I SAY THE CLOSING PRAYER!!?! so she has fecha for the 18th of june.  other than those peeps we have been just working on finding more!

Love you all so much have a great week!!! 

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