Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week 49

so this week i would like to give a very special thanks to someone that did something very dear to me... Michael Scott. who organized the run for the cure of rabies. as i now am receiving the vaccinations for rabies... because i got bit by a big ol dog. so we were walking through this one shortcut kinda fast to get to the next appointment and there was just a normal dog chillin there looking through the trash. i guessed i scared him as i walked behind him and then he jumped and bit me right on my upper back thy! so yea.... one of his teeth drew blood and there is like a 3 inch cut on my leg. BUT IM ALIVE! but i do think i'll have to retire a pair of khakis! and now i have to get like 4 more shots, but all is well.

So yea it has been a pretty rough week. The baptism fell through with Cristina.... so yea she'll probably get baptized in the middle of June so that's good.

Another apartment flooded..... I'm just ready to get out of the office.

But we did have a nice miracle with a house that i needed to find! we had been looking at moving hermanas out of a sector because it is too dangerous there. and i had found this one apartment that was just a little too expensive but we were going to get it. But on wednesday a dueña came in to complain about some bill and at the end she told us that she has a place to rent right where we needed one! and it is such a nice house! so we'll be able to move the hermanas just in time for the cambios! 

Other than that just trying to keep on working! finding news and other partial families! But man of man this week kicked my butt. we'll see where they ship me out! I wont get to email you guys till the 6th! Love you all!!

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