Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 95

so sorry i didnt write yesterday... it was a little crazy and a holiday! and i had to travel to the office lol. so i spent most of my day on the highway trying to flag down buses!

so yes i got transfered for my last cambio! and i am going to be with elder murillo! he's from logan utah. and he also is finishing this cambio..... lol so hopefully we dont get too trunky those last weeks!

so my last week with elder cowley was pretty great! we found a new family!!! the mom and daughter are super recptive and we got the daughter to church and she loves it! and is actively reading the BoM! 

but yea its been pretty crazy here and it looks like i'll be in the office this week and go to the sector on saturday!

and it was pretty weird having to leave the sector so fast i didnt even get ot say goodbye to peeps... but i have planned an intercambio for later!

but so glad to hear from you all of you!!! and cannot wait to talk to you all soon on mothers day!!!!! love you all!!!

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