Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 94

so this was a pretty crazy week here! we had our pday changed for the census that happened here in chile and we had the conference with pres nelson! it cut away quite a bit of time from the sector but still it was a great week!!!

so the conference with pres nelson was sososososososso cool! the whole area presideny was there too! and they all spoke with their wives! and so sister nelson talked about praying to find people whose ancestors are ready and axiously waiting on the other side for their baptisms! and then pres nelson talked a lot about the book of mormon! it was a really motivating conference and we got to shake hands with pres nelson and he said my name! ah! 

so we still are wokring on rebuilding the teachingn pool... but the girl estefani that we found in the pueblito.... we found out that she is super prepared! we had a cita with her pon saturday and as we enter her house she shows us an old copie of the BOM that she found in her house.... she was really pumped and she accepted baptism! and then she made it to church!!! and now she hasa fecha for the 13th of may! and she loved the YSA group here! 

we also started teachinga a lil old granpa named juan ( i call him juanito cause he's just too tierno) and he is 87!!!!! but he was really good and we went to his house and sang him hymns while elder cowley played the guitar! super cute old gramps, and he asked us when he's baptized if he can still watch soccer lol. 

but yes all is well here in linares city! its sad to think this might be my last week in linares! but we'll see where the lord wants me for the last transfer!!!!!!!!!!!

love you all so much!!!!!!

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