Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 93

so yea this pic pretty much describes our week!! AURORA GOT DUNKED! and caros baptized her! man it was a pretty stressful baptism! we had to try like 4 times! and it was kinda cute cause she would just keep saying things like 'ohhh bendito señor' but she was oh so happy!

other than that not muched happened in the sector, we did realize that a lot of the people we are wokring with are kinda slowing down and dont really want to progress,so we are going to be finding a lot this week!!

and i realized this year chileans really dont do anything special for easter... its just another long weekend lol

so in the small pueblito that we work i every wweek, we taught a girl at the door and you know just a normal door lesson. and then the next week we passed by and she wasnt there, BUT her mom was there with the folleto. and i was thinking dang it she's going to reutrn it and get mad... but she had done the questiones on the back of the pamphlet..... i think that is the first time anyone has done that in my mish! and her answers were really good, BUT she couldnt make it to church bc it was easter weekend....

but yea all is well here in linares city! and pres nelson is coming this week!!! ahh! 

but love you all!!

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