Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 92

well this was another interesting week on the mission! so due to interviews and helping other sectors i was outside of my own sector for 2 straight days lol. and one of the m was my bday. so we just pushed back the celebration for a couple of days. and we made milkshakes! but then elder cowley got kinda sick after oops. 

so ignacio was supposed to be baptized this weekend but there was a crazy story and basically his brother was in the hospital in another city and he wanted to be with him and then ignacio enters the army on tuesday...... and guys it was going to be a river baptism! but he said he'll be able to come back in may to visit and he'll get baptized then... bu

But the good new is that AURORA is all good to get dunked! and never have i seen someone so pumped to get baptized! the only problem is that she has not leg strength at all.... so we are still thinking how can we get her into the font... but she is super pumped!

but yea other than that we are just trying to get someone ready for the 22nd, it'll probably be abraham, but we'll see! but it is getting scary how fast the time is flying by! like in 9 weeks it'll be over!! 

but i hope you all have a great semana santa! and you guys share the great video that the church made!!! love you all!!!

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