Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 91

wow we had a wonderful week down here in linares!!

SO aurora.... sisnt get baptized this weekend because she went to go visit her family out on the farm. so she is now getting baptized on the 15th. and she is sosososo pumped. i just talked to her like 30 min ago outside lol. we are going to make her brownies tonight!

but ignacio, a 19 yo that we got as a reference from a member is going to be baptized this weekend! and he is super sper good! he so was prepped to be baptized we just had to teach him the commandments! 

we also startd working with a super ghetto MA fam. and the son, abraham, hasnt been baptized yet. and we got him to church and he also is going to be baptized the 15th! he's super funny, but super flaite lol.

and this weekend we aprovechared a lot with GC and we got a really cool guy named jorge to church for the first  time! and he loved it! and it was the talk about the bronze plates that got him, because he's right at that part of the BoM!!! so we are planning on committing him to get dunked this thursday for the 22nd! plus turns out he's part of the linares choir and nows some memberes that are in that same choir.

and so we made a list of friends to pray with with a little grandma in our branch named teresa. and we gave her some cards to invite those friends thatwe had been praying for, and her neighbor came! her name is rosa, super nice lady that is just super lonely. we're really pumped to start teaching her!

so for GC elder cowley and i had put a goal to get someone in every single session and we were so close!  we were just missing someone for the last session! and that one in my opinion had the best talk for inv! but atleast the other talks were very well fit for the specific people that came!

ALSO this week we got the mandate from presidente to start working in a pueblito near linares, its called  yerbas buenas (good herb?) and it was so cool bc there we found a member that said i have been waiting for you!!! plus people are really nice there! everyone will listen lol. 

but yea all is well here! thanks for all the love and support! hope you all have a great week!!!!!!!!

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