Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 90

well it was another full week here!

we lost two days of work with the counsil of leaders... but it still was a pretty good week!

so aurora the grandma that just wants to get dunked came to church!!!! we had to literally pick her up and put her in the cab lol. but she loved church! and we found out that she had already gone to church.... o sea we most likely are going to baptize her this weekend! but it was kinda funny cause she just slept the entire meeting and then was like OHH IT WAS AMAZING! lol

carlos, elizabeth, and camilo didnt make it because carlos is super busy with his taxi.... so they didnt make it.. and we havent really been able to teach them..... SO we are starting to give PMG classes to the Gma so she can teach them when they come over for breakfast lol. she's super pumped to do it

so we found out that marcelo's tio just got out of the hospital. and man the guy wants to get dunked too! and now the whole family is on board to help him get baptized! so yea we're pretty pumped!

and then we still have emmanuel, he went to santiago for the weekend so he'll have to get baptized a little later!

but yea all is well here! i really love my sector and my comp, but the time is passing by too fast!!

plus this weekend we had such a cool conference! the two ditrcits in my zone were joined together into one big ditrict!!!!! it was awesome! and now it will become a stake in spetember!!!!!!!!

but love all you guys so much! hope you all have a great week!!

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