Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week 34

so it was another awesome week here in CONCE! we have been working sooooo much this week but it is all good because it is p day and i might have fallen back asleep after my morning prayer ;) but really we are so excited because ingrid is getting baptized this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! so pumped because this is the first baptism of the ward for this year! 

So ingrid is good to go!! she passed her interview on tuesday and she is feeling very excited! we got the chapel all cleaned up this morning (because chileans do not clean) and things are looking good!! and we are having the bishop baptize her!

So yea in the office we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy! yesterday we literally drove all around the mission fixing/delivering stuff. we left at 7 in the morning and returned at 9 at night! oh man it was a LOT. But we got to go up to linares! i saw the old ward mission leader (RODOLFO!!) he's doing well! but there we had to look in the hermanas' house for rats... they kept calling us telling us there was a big rat problem....... but there wasn't anything lol. E carpenter even went up into the rafters to look for signs of rats, but nothing. so that was pretty fun playing exterminator putting out rat poison! We also got a big move coming this monday for one sector of 4 elders! and we got the keys for the house on thursday!

So one eyed juan made a big step of progress this week! he accepted a wedding date for the 12th of march!! and he will get baptized the same day!! oh man i am really excited for him because he has made a whole 180 turn on his life! and he keeps talking about how he needs to do things for his baptism!! it is so cool to see someone that excited to be clean of all their sins! but man they are dirt poor like they like in a house made of chip board and a tin roof! and he usually comes out to greet us like half naked because its soo hot lol. but he said he's coming to the baptism today and church tomorrow! we just need to start focusing on his fam a little more so we get them all in the font! 

But yes all is well here! just working really hard trying to get all the things we want done before cambios next week! i just still am amazed at how The Lord puts prepared people in your path if you are doing the things you should! Love you all and hope you all have a great week! i might send pics of the baptism later today because it still will be p(ulga) day! 

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