Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 63

Wow these are longer weeks here in bio bio! We still really are just focusing on finding people aka a lot of walking a talking with whoever will listen! But we are starting to see some good fruits from our labors! 

So a family that we found out first week knocking doors has started to progress pretty well! They read the fillets together as a fam! And the best thing is, that they're married!!!!!!! And they our both super receptive! The father has already accepted the idea of getting baptized so this week we're shooting for getting them all with fecha! And the dad came to play soccer with us on Saturday night! Their names are Ana and arnaldo 

So Guillermo is still doing great! He just short swamped with work but he still is good with the 23rd!!

So the other elders in this sector passed us an eternal investigator that was not progressing. And literally after they did that her boyfriend moved out aka she can get baptized!!! We had a sweeeeeet lesson with her and put the goal for her to baptized the 23rd also!!! She feels really good with the fecha! Her name is Maria and she is from Uruguay!

But yea we're just working hard out here! And ps I'm actually writing you all from my bishops phone lol. All the cibers are closed for some reason. 

love you all!!! Have a great week! Enjoy fall! It's warming up down here!

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