Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 62

ok so the new sector that i am in is litterally right next to my old sector. the chapel is like half an hour away walking from where i live. but yea this ward is DOPE. i would dare to say that its better than villa acero.

so our first day the ward had correlation, and man they were really pumped to be getting zls in the ward. but this was probably the best correlation i have ever seen in my whole life. leaders from each organization were they and actually contributing and thinking about the people! it was sick!

But yea we are starting from a pretty clean slate! we only got one investigator from the other sector, BUT we already have a had a great miracle with him! his name is guillermo and we got to knwo him right away and he seeme pretty decent. then we had another cita later in the week and he had a dream!!!! a missionary came up to him in his dream and told him that he has to fast and then get baptized!!!!! so he has fecha for the 23! and he came to church! talk about miracles already!!!

But yea other than that we have just been knocking doors trying to find receptive peeps. it was a tougher week but we really have been focusing on how we need to be pacient with the sector. and it really was a clean slate we didnt even have a map in the house! so we have been wopkring on making a nice big map, and we made little pocket size ones for ourselves. 

But yea all is well in this ward! it really is soooooo sick! and we got like 20 members comiited to leave with us this week! soooo hay vamos a ver lo que pasarà!!!!! love you all! this work only progresses because it is the true church!!! love you all!

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