Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 61

well you guys remember elsa right.... yea so she did not get baptized........ soo uhh yea. she was at her sons house for part of the week like she alwas does, so we were not able to have contact with her till friday. there as we passed that day our hearts broke. turns out a catholic priest from her old church heard that she was going to get baptized.... and he filled her head with all those evil catholic lies... now she wants nothing to do with the church.... and now she has a new little saint that she prays to in her house. ugghhh it was pretty killer.

pero bueno..... so cambios came....... me voy! and so does elder hayne! we are both going to open a new sector in our zone! so it is a complete white wash lol. so please pray for us that we can make back home each night lol! but yea i didnt sleep last night thinking about all that we now have to do, lol we were not the most diligent with our area book so today we gotta do a lot of stuff to do lol. and then this sector is going to be only hermanas... and oh man they are so lucky! but the hermanas that have been i the sector already have been working really hard and have no one... so im glad that they'll get a nice pool of people to dunk.

so yea after elsa's baptism fell we took a moment to mope a lil and drink a pepsi express then we decided that we had to find some new chosen peeps. and we did it! we found a ref from a member that is GOLDEN and she really wants to get baptized and another ref from some othe missionaries of a super ghetto chick that was really interested in baptism and already has gone to church once!

But yea it'll be good for the hermanasthat get this sector. and supposedly the ward we are going to is one of the best in the mish but the elders that were there kind of ruined it....... so we'll see what happens! But i love being a issionary and working so hard! thanks pandres for the new kicks! im pretty sure i have the fanciest shoes in chile!

ps i caught i frog the other day! love you all the church is true!

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