Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 60

wow this sector is dope. we really have been just working as much as we can. but man oh man am i tired, cant wait for that nice sunday afternoon nap that is waiting for me in summer 2k17. but until then...

so this week elsa will get baptized! we did find out that prez is going to have to do the interview.... but we explained the situation and he said that all is well and she should get baptized this saturday! she is so funny she keeps saying (as a joke) that she is going to swim on the 20th! but yea she is doing well and te ward loves her. i still cannot believe that we knocked her door only 2ish weeks ago.

So we also have been working with the LA soledad that has two kids that can get baptized. they techincally can get dunked this saturday but we're going to wait a little more because the parents are seperated and we want to get some support from the dad before the baptism. so they should be getting baptized late august or early september.

we found a recent convert that have a little sister who is 11 and is pretty interested in baptism! we talked to her dad (who isnt member) last night and was pretty receptive. so we are hoping that atleast the girl will be able to get baptized and then with more time the father. 

we still are working with this awesome family that we found recently. they ALMOST got to church. but on saturday night the mom's kidneys liked failed or something and went to the hospital.... so they couldnt make it....... it was kinda a bummer but now she is doing better! and the mom like seriously understands all that we teach SO SO WELL. so we'll hope to see her at church next sunday!

I thinnk i found the equivalent of mom and dad in this ward lol. theyre names are juan and gladdys. they are awesome members that help us out sooooo much. the mom gave us a sick ref of an old lady that is super interested in getting baptized and learning about the church! but seriously theyre just like chilean mom and dad that are just willing to help out the missionaries and love cooking for us! PLUS gladdys made us pokemon ties (because pokemon go is here in chile) so i have a psyduck tie lol.

But yea all is well here in hualpen! we went with a member to go eat papa johns earlier today, and hiked a cool hill. i just love being able to consecrate myself to this work! hope you all have a great week!! love you all!

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