Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 59

so this was probably the most efficient week of my whole mission. we worked oh so hard. and we might have gotten the mish record of lessons with members lol. But it is awesome just seeing the progress that comes with working hard!

So our girl Elsa is sososososo funny! she is a little crazy and keeps saying on the 20th im going to swim!!! but she is super excited to get baptized! still cant find a hearing aid but we found her a fellow old lady to be her friend!!! and in stead of drinking coffee she drinks hot chocolate LOL! so shes golden!

We also have been working a lot with niños and their families! we have been activating this one family that has 2 kids that can be baptized! one of them will also be baptized the 20th with elsa!! and the other we have to wait a lil longer cause hes only 10. but still the familiy is so so so much happier keeping the commandments!

so here in our sector elder hayne and i have liked perfected the door approach! its like 4 questiones and you def get in the house! its sick doing it iwth the members! they alkl are really pumped now to participate in the obra!!

Those families that arent married arent doing the best.... so were going to pass them over to the ward, but hopefully with time they can get baptized but its just complicated.....

But for real. the work has been hastened! I love being able to work my heart out here! love all of you! have a great week!

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