Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 58

so it was a pretty good week here in hualpen! it was full of random things but it was a pretty stinkin good week!

So this last tuesday we had minicambios with the APs. which was pretty fuin because i got to go back to the office for part of the day! it was fun seeing the senior couples again! plus there was a birthday in the office so we got cake!! but it was a pretty fun minicambio, learned some good stuff.

Then on wednesday we had zone conference! and oh man that was a headache we were in our chapel from 8 am to 9 pm...... yea it kinda killed our day but it was fun having my first interview with pres catala! he's really cool and is super pumped about getting concepcion ready for the temple thats coming real soon!

This week Elder hayne and i just went to town on our sector really just trying to be with a member every moment of the day and just getting into houses! it was really fun seeing the members get excited as we just enter in random houses. But we found this awesome old lady that now had fecha! her name is elsa and she has 86 years!!! but we told her that she can get baptized the 20th and she is so excited for it! and we went to look for her on sunday morning witrh a member in his van and she was there waiting for us ready to go to church! and the funny thing with her is that she is kinda deaf.... so when the meeting is starting we kinda whisper yell 'can you hear' and she kinda yells back no... so i run over to the secratary and tell him to boost the volume and still she couldnt hear.... but she just sadi ohhh dont worry about me im old. lol but she still liked it! and she said she'll bring her hearing aid next time!

other than her we are working with a lot of couples that are not married..... which is kinda a pain. all of the want to get baptized but there is a longer process of getting a marriage in before.... so please keep the following peeps ina family prayer or 2: andrea, luis; juan manuel, paulina; beatriz; Ilda, cristian.

But really all is well here in hualpen! it didnt rain as much this last week so i was able to de mold my boots lol. but really its so great here! This last week i really have been able to become a a witness of that the work has been hastened and that if we work with all our heart might mind and strength that we will have miracles all the time, and we will be guided to the chosen people. I love this work! and hope that you all have a great week! love you all!!!

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