Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 57

yea so a little info about my new sector is that it is literally in one of the most rainy and windy places in chile............ it rains sososososososo much here. i have been wet for the past week lol. but all is well in villa acero!

So with that rain no one came to chruch.... so we were pretty bumbed about that but also we have a new found fire to get these peeps to church si o si!!!

but other than that it was a really good week! we have this really good routine that we do to get into houses when its raining! its kinda funny at points because some people are still not letting us in and they say stuff like dont get rained on lol. But one day theyll acept the gospel.

so we are working with this one partial family that is SWEET! they have two niños that can be baptized! they couldnt come because they were with their dad this synday but the mom came! it was the first time in like 10 years! and she really enjoyed it!!! so that was a nice tender mercy!

WE found this one dude after we forced our way into the house and we started to share anout baptism and he was super excited about it once we told him he could have a new start to his life!!! BUT we found out that he colives :((((( and he didnt come to church, but we foundhim saturday so that was kinda expected...

we found this super nice old lady last week and we came back for or return appointment and we found out that she efll really bad!! but we were able to give her a really sweet blessing! so we have a lot of potential with her! plus she wants to makes us empanadas! lol

But yea this sector is really fun! we are just working really hard to find more of the choosen people! its hard work and im sosososso tired but i love it here! plus the members are siiiiiick! we work a lot with them! but yes the church is so very true! i would only do all of this if it were! love you all so much!! have a great week! enjoy being dry!

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