Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 56

so yea im in my new sector and it is BOMB! This sector is huge, like really really big and it is just full of houses that have middle class families! aka like the perfect sector! and this is one of the biggest wards in the mission so there is plenty support from the members! like this next week we almost are doing divisions everyday.

so this week we had a lot of meeting with president for this new cambio about what is the new vision of th mision. and what he says is needed is 20 lessons with member every week! ok i dont knwo about you guys but that is a high number i think the highest i have ever gotten is 9. But we are accepting this challenge!!! and we are trying to animate the missionaries of our zone to do the same!

So my new comp is Elder hayne. he's from san diego! and we actually got to the mission together at the same time! so its really fun because we both have a lot of energy and new ideas. 

i still dont really knwo that names of the investigators because ive had to learn so many new names this week lol sorry.

But last night we had a really cool find! we were looking for an antiguo but this guy cam out and was like  nonono no no no, but then he gave us 3 bomb references! and one was just down the street of an old lady who's husband had dies recently. and we go over and she works in a negocio (like a supermarket in her garage) and we were like uhhh dangit shes working.. what do we do. so i just go in and tell her hey we felt like we needed to come here and share something! she loved it! and is thinking about the B word! 

But yea life is awesome here! just risin and grindin everyday! love you all so much! this is the true church!

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