Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 55

well its that time again.... and it turns out that...
IM LEAVING! what the heck!
yea im getting shipped out to talcahuano sur! so it was a really short and sweet time here in valle hermoso! but looks like im needed somewhere else! but this new ward im going to is like the biggest ward in the mission! so im pretty pumped about that! and there will be a lot less drunk evangelicos! But yea i got the call last night from the APs and it was funny because pablito was working with us that night and he did not belive me one bit that i am leaving. but now he knows and hes making a big lunch for this afternoon! but yea gonna miss penco! 

so this week we really tried to get those peeps we found progressing. and man oh man it was kinda frustatring because some of this people just change! one day they were super nice and we had a return appointment and everything but then we went by again and were super rude... so it was easy to discern them as unchosen peeps. 

so jose had a pretty good week! he didnt come to church.... but he is living the WoW and LoC! it was really raining and he was sick, so it was a kinda valid excuse. (but the whole ward used that excuse too lol) but he is still looking good to get baptized this month. so tobarcito will probs baptize him!

so this week i really realized just how much the bible is lacking, like really so many people justify the most random things with the bible. its kinda sad. and they just have their minds filled with so many lies about the church from their patores. but we still just kept pushing and we were able to get this really old lady to think about baptism! hopefully she can really progress her name is rosa.

But yea looks like i'll be packing my bags tonight! love you all so much!!

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