Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 54

happy 4th everyone! we had a zone activity where we with pablito made pulled brisket sandwiches to celebrate the 4th!!!

so this was a pretty good week! seriously we went really hard trying to find new people to teach this week and we found 11 in total! it was really fun teaching tobarcito how to just get into houses and finding a need and then just inviting them to be baptized. but man it is so funny trying to invite these evangelicos to be baptized! the apostasy was so real! like one old guy last night told me that baptisms had to be in rivers so the current would wash away the sins....

So this week was kinda sad with janet... we lost contact with her for like 4 days... then we finally get contact with her on her doorstep, and she tells us she doesnt want anything with the church.... and that she is going to start attending and evangelico church.... so yea. she did NOT get baptized.

But! we had a huge break throiugh with jose! so like this guy is super good with the bible like super duper good. kinda intimidating. but he always gets confused when he thinks about what the bible is saying ans what he should do. SO we shared alma 32... and now he has fecha for the 16th!!!! and he came to church!! so things are working very well with him!

Other than him we just are working with all the news we found. just trying to see who will really progress and who was just nice enough to let us in. 

but yea this is the last week of the transfer!!! we'll see if i will get to stay here another cambio or if im needed somewhere else! love you all so much!!!

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