Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 53

so this was another awesome week down here in valle hermoso! we really have been seeing the fruits of our labors! 

So with janet we had an awesome lesson! she is really funny since she does not talk a lot, just a lot of one word answers, BUT we were realñly able to key into baptism and help her raelly realize that a baptism is to follow christ! so if everything goes right she will be baptized this saturday!!! it was sweet this last sunday because she brought all three of her daughters! but we are really just trying to make sure she can remember how she felt when she committed herself to baptism!

That was pretty much the biggest highlight of the week!! 

jose is still truckin along but i think were going to stop teaching him this week... he just confuzes himself with the bible too much...

also another small miracle we had was with lis's pareja, this dude is totally athiest like he doesnt feel comfortble talking about God since he just does not believe in it but we have ben able to get him to start reading and praying!! so we'll see where that ends up! (hopefully baptism)

I had an awesome minicambio with one of the zls this week. He is finishing in 2 weeks so we talked A LOT about BYU lol, but still we went hard that day.

But yea all is well here! just working hard! now that i'm training ive realized how much faster i walk than i did before the mish lol!

Love you all! the church is true!

chao Prez arrington :(

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