Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 52

so just an FYI but i turned 1 year old in the mission this week... it was pretty weird to think about how much has changed in one year and what my life consists of now! BUT i love it so much and i hope that this next year is even better as im now a little more prepared to teach and testify of our Savior.

So this was a pretty good week. We were able to leave with a member every day this week!! so we were pretty pumped about that and that the members actually worry about the investigators. one hermana even visted janet just for fun!!

So this week we were working a good amount with janet. but her family has been bothering her about joining the church.... right?!.... so we finally got to meet her husband and he was like ok for her to go to church, but janet told us that he said not before.... so we are kinda confused with them and who is telling the truth and who isnt...

with jose we had an awesome lesson this week where he had some doubts about the fall and then we used 2 nefi 2 and everything was clear for him in the end. it was awesome explaining to him how the BoM clarifies stuff and then showing him that it really does. 

Lis is kinda stopping to progress. we had a super direct lesson with her on the law of chastity where we litterally said you are in sin, BUT you can get out of it by getting married... but her pareja is athiest and doestn want anything with churches nor weddings. 

So this week we found like a like of preachers.... oh my gosh i kinda dont like the bible anymore, because one preacher just teared us apart with it.... i got kinda mad so my spanish just would not work... but what we learned is that when this happens we just testify of the BoM and our personal experinces and then they listen more intently. But this did spur me to study the new testament a little more, but still you can just tell it's lacking basic truths. 

Really all is good here in penco city! we are working hard and just trying to find that golden family that is in our sector! I am so glad that we have the restored gospel and another testament of Jesus Christ! I knwo that He lives and He loves me! love you all so much!! see you all in a year!

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