Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 51

man oh man do i love it here in penco! this sector literally consists of so many drunk evangelics! it just cracks me up! these people litterally set up huge speakers on the streets just calling people to repent! i still strive to have their boldness ;) 

But really this is an awesome sector just full of houses and people! like we found a ton of new peeps this week, it is just awesome!! ive just leanred that if you ask enough times people will let you into their house and then they are usually pretty open to hear! 

So this week we were working with jose a lot! we actually watched the chile copa america game with him on Friday! CHI CHI CHILAY! and he came to CHURCH! and he brought his wife! but at the end he said he didnt like it... boo but we remebered that at first he didnt even like the BOM but now he reads it almost every day. i just think it was different. no guitars nor tamborines (lol). but we learned this last week that right before missionaries found him he was praying to know where the truth is. so he is growing in his testimony!

we also worked a bit with janet! she is super funny because she like doesnt talk. for reakl just one word answers... but she really likes everything! and she has been saying that she feels good about baptism and has prayed about it a lot! so we are hoping to put he with fecha this week for the 25th! 

we still are working with Lis who was a reference from her neighbor! she really has started to ake good friends in the ward and said 'when my baby is born i want to baptize it in the mormon church!'  lol so we explained that she would be the one getting baptized and we could present the baby... she still doesnt really have much of a testimony yet so she doesnt see much of the need right now... so just with time and prayer i believe she will come around!

but really doe.... this sector is awesome! it is so much fun to have good member support with members that leave with us and host FHEs! i hope that all of you have a great week!!!! love you all so much!!

ps ill have to send pics next week.... this ciber kinda stinks

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