Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 65

sorry im writting late...yesterday everything was closed... everything so we even had to buy food today! but its like a second pday! but wow this was a pretty interesting week here!
so we first had zone conference. which again ate up the whole day. like i had the last interview and it was at 9:30pm...... i couuld just see that prez was tired but still he is the man! but yea it kinda ate up a day of wokr....

then we had 18!!!!! so on saturday we were basically at the church all day for activities! it was pretty fun and chill, but it felt weird... and then the attendance on sunday ...... yea it kinda hurt, but maria and guillermo both came!

so guillermo is all ready! he get baptized this friday! we still are looking for pants that fit him... yea he's a big guy. but he is so ready! he spends his afternoons watching talks by president monson! so were hoping that we can starting getting the wife ready to be baptized too soon!

and maria.... wow she is doing sosososo well! she had a great spiritual experince this last domingo and she is feeling really good for the 7th! her husband to be is still kinda a punk but we'll see what happens with him. he still has some kinda drug problems.....

but yea all is well here just got over a cold that really jusst zapped all my energy... like all the members this last week kept telling me i looked tired. but im feeeling better now and ready to find some more choosen peeps! love you all so much! have a great week!!

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