Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 38

so yea this was a pretty long week for the office... i think in total i got like 12 hours in the sector.

For the Hermanas houses throughout south america they have started installing security systems... so guess who has been putting together security systems?! yep yours truly. so that has been kinda fun setting that up with all the sensors and stuff! and yea i have been doing a lot of negotiating for prices on houses and apartments this past week. the thing i learned is that you should never have the fear to just say no and know that the lord probably has a much better plan. 

This next week we are moving two houses! so please pray for them that all will go smoothly! 

As for the sector juan has been doing ok... priscila really doesn't want much with the church in reality... and they got in a fight recently... so i'm really hoping  that at least we can get juan to church. because we taught him about the sabbath day and it all just clicked for him and why he shouldn't work on sundays but go to church and rest instead! but it'll be tricky because we have another multi-stake conference, i think its for like all of chile. we'll see what happens there. 

But yea thats been my week. just a lot of busy work! but you gotta do what you gotta do! and hey if anyone comes back to chile with me post mish i know like all of this region and major highways now! i literally think i have seen the entire mission! 

But i love you all dearly! i hope that you all have an awesome week!! 

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