Saturday, March 19, 2016

Week 39

so this has been another very very full week. But hey now we are half way done with this long cambio (8 weeks).

So we had one move this week which was pretty interesting... the sisters like forgot to ask members for help on the moving day... so it was just me in the van lol. and i now knwo the fullest capacity that van can take. might have even just stacked mattresses on top without rope! didnt drop a single one!! but now they live a a much nicer and safer house. that literally have bars on every single window! (thank you maria, the dueña) and we got a new house for some elders that litterally are living in one of the worrst houses i have seen. and now they will have a sweet brand new one on the first of april! but seriously their old house is bad, like rats can get in really easily! 

But one thing that jumped up on me this week is that a new senior couple comes in a week and i had a couple of apartments for the other senior couples to look at... they didnt really like them oops. so we are moving one couple into a hotel apartment for a while wile i work with some peeps to re wallpaper it and paint the walls with anti mold paint... all before next saturday!!! so please pray that all goes well with the jones! Ive learned that when you have about 6 old people on the same project they all have very different opinions. que fun!

]As for this week in the sector i came in with the attitude of si o si we are finding and bringing peeps to church! so far we have found 4!! and we took two ofthem to a baptism yesterday and they really liked it! and juan is still truckin along. he didnt go last week but he reeaaally wants to come this one. i usually have to call him because we dont have time to run all the way to the other side of the sector. he's so ghetto im surprised i understand him at all. but yea it has been a lot of work but im just hoping and praying that some come to church this week!

So yea just another full week here in the office! Literally if i lost my little Nokia phone I think i would die, maybe we'll see if prez can hook us up with an upgrade?! But all is well here. just grinding! love you all!

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