Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 31

Well before i tell that story i thought id tell the motto that me and carpy have taken on this cambio. 'go hard'. we have realized that really th only way we can get everything done in the office and sector is by never letting our diligence down. and this week we really did do it, and now we are super stinkin tired, but hey its p day!

So this week we got a call from some hermanas that their house was infested with pulgas (FLEAS). oh man i love my job so much! so we just go over to this house and attack it with poison getting all the usually flea spots. i took all of their blankets and sprayed them and beat them and the E carpenter literally took the time to make the bed perfectly lol. the things we do for our missionaries!

this week I realized how fast i can fix a toilet like seriously less than 10 mins and im out! maybe the lord is prepping me to be a plumber! nunca sabe. 

We also had to search for some houses which is always fun (not really) we had to drive out to the middle of nowhere and just go around contacting peeps asking about the neighborhood and seeing if the even have any houses. and man it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot that day, and all they have to drink is coke lol. 

But enough of that stuff. our sector is on fire right now! we have 5 investigators coming to church this week! talk about zero to hero (HERCULES) but really we just have been sticking to the motto of going hard. 

We just called flor yesterday and she made the adjustments in her job to come to church this sunday! and so we are going to put her with fecha tomorrow!!! and her son will come to and we'll see if we can get him in the water too!!!

The daughter of a recent convert is still coming to church and she loves it! we have a cita with her tonight and are going to put her with a baptism date too, and we are like 99% sure right now that she will be baptized!! 

We made contact with a person that returned from vacations and she too wants to be baptized!! we still need to re put her with a fecha but she too is coming to church with her daughter!! 

We also found a super awesome lady by knocking her door! she is super rich and live alone and we had an awesome first lesson about christ and our relationship with god and how we can ask him questions. she was really surprised when we told her that she could ask god if she should move from conce! it was awesome teaching that simple truth!! shes traveling to santiago the help some supreme justice out for a week and she told us that after we can come back! also she speaks hebrew so thats cool.

so yea we're pretty pumped we've seen a lot of tender mercies as we've followed this motto and studied nephi and how he completed his goals. its just so awesome how much work we get to do here! but yea as of now we are realistically looking at about 4 baptisms for feb!!!! get pumped fam, because the church is true!

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