Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 30

Yo so this last week was cambios and it was kinda stressful. E Carpenter and I are staying the same (now he's DL) but we had some pretty big changes in the office.... The assistants no longer work in the office... they are trying to make the model sector and are in a neighboring zone. so now we took all of their office responsibilities on top of the housing ones... so yea things are pretty busy here now. like now i am in charge of all the numbers in the mission and i have to compile them and send them to president every week, and a bunch of other random things. so things have been kinda different here with all the work.

But hey were still missionaries and we brought 2 people to church last week!!!!! So last week i contacted that peruvian woman on the street (Flor) and she couldn't come to church because she works, but we were able to bring her son (Diego 13) and her daughter (fernanda 6) and they both really enjoyed it! and Diego we were also able to play soccer with him during the week and gain some confidence! and on tuesday we put Flor with a baptismal date!!! but we still need to work out how she is going to get to church. but she has the deseos to progress and she likes reading the BoM. just so happy we stop her on the street :) and she really likes the church because she feels alone as she is a single mother that moved from peru. also she is pumped how baptism is a clean slate!!!! ugh i just love flor (the golden investigator.... kinda)

We also got the daughter of a recent convert to come to church and she has seemed really interested , but we have not been able to meet with her during the week because of random things like the dentist and etc... but were still trying to get her going because she has 3 sons who probably would be willing to be baptized if she set the example!

We still are looking for more but we've been coming kinda dry this week because we have had a lot of stuff to do with cambios this week! so next week we are hoping that we can get some more time in the sector! But its still great being in the service of my fellow missionaries!!! hope you all had a great week! i love you all! 

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