Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 29

Wow time really flies in the office. I'm kinda pooped. but hey I'm gonna finish my first cambio here!!!! and E carpenter and i will stay the same for this next cambio. so we are pretty pumped for this next cambio and really were trying to finish strong this week so that this next cambio we can see some real results!

So we were really going for it this week in our sector trying to find a family that needs the gospel! and as the week went on it was looking pretty rough... members and futures and inv. were all falling through, yesterday we had a couple set up for the earlier part and at least one aspect fell through on each, BUT we ended up having a sweet family home evening with one of our recent converts and her daughter and grandkids (Who are not members!!!) and they were al super interested and want to come to church this sunday!!!!!!! we came out of that noche de hogar full and pumped (because she also made like a shrimp pizza that was BOMB) but they are a sweet family and they expressed a lot of interest in the plan of salvation as in the NdeH we really only shared about Christ and his atonement. But WOOHOOOOO news!! 

Another family that we found was a Peruvian woman that i contacted in the street. she was just feeling so alone in the world (because preu is kinda like the mexico of the states). But she was really pumped when we told her about how the church can bring that friendship that shhe needs and that as she has her heavenyl Father in mind she will never feel alone! but she was super excited and we need to commit her to church tonight, because she is like a nanny for a house and we need to see if she can move around her schedule. but we really think she can do it!!

Those were the biggest triumphs of the week! as for inv. that came back from vacations they all kinda dont have the desire.... sooooo we might stop with them....

But as for the office we have been pretty bust getting everything ready fro cambios making sure that each house have enough beds and that missionaries and cleaning them for these cambios. im pretty tired so i think E Carpenter and i are going to Lider (Walmart) and then home to nap! hope you all are having a great week!!!! Love you all!

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