Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 28

No not that much is really going to change! but think guys none of you will see me in person for this entire year! pretty crazy stuff! but i hope that you all we able to have a great new year and that you guys made some awesome goals! i sent the vid of what i did at midnight in the christmas drop box so you guys can see what happened ;)

so on new years evening we go to eat dinner with a member so we at with a less active that the other missionaries found. but i dont think they told her that we had to be home 11... it was super awkward because we had to tell her like uhhh we cant be here after 11 we need to be home so we had to bring a plate of pasta home... it was kinda lame but ya gotta be obedient if you want baptisms and blessing. but i got a huge i mean huge party popper that you can see in the vid. it was pretty sweet. but then the next morning the other elders attacked us with other huge party poppers they got lol. and new years day was kinda interesting because the streets were just full of drunks... but theyre harmless, they always try to speak in english with us lol 

so a funny thing with the office now is that i have low key become the IT guylol. i have formatted quite a few excel spread sheets for a bunch of random stuff. but it is nice to see i guess my talents being used. 

Not much progress was seen with our investigators as just about all them traveled... so we have been trying to find a lot which is always interesting in the city!

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