Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week 27

WOHOOOO ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS! i cannot wait to skype all of you (sorry sis hartt) It'll be really fun to see all of you! and ill be doing it from the office because the internet is really fast here so there wont be any problems!! 

This week was a super busy one!! we had one day where we had to travel up to a pueblito really close to linares and renegotiate a contract with the dueña of a house that we are renting. that was interesting. she was a super old lady, but it was all worked out in the end! and then we had to help move around some mattress for the big christmas conference that we are going to do this next week and deliver some packages to missionaries. and we did this big trip with a senior couple who are in charge of the money! then after we went to a big market in chillán and i bought a little wooden duck!  ill probably send a pic of it later today! 

Then another thing that was kinda annoying this week was getting the christmas vid ready... i helped out with it a bit because the formatting was really weird and would not burn to a disc... but we got it firgured out and now we just have to burn like 200 copies!!!! wohooo.

We had a big stake activity, that was really just a show this week too. it was pretty cool and we had a part in it singing hark the herald! it took up a lot of time though because they had a rehearsal that was pretty long. 

we have been finding some more people this week during the little pockets of time that we have. my favorite find was when we were going to visit this one ancient and a lady across the street yelled there aren't home! and then i yelled back you want a visit from the missionaries? she said yes! lol and now we are going to teach here, but she is suuuuuuuuuper old and live with her mom who is even older..... so we'll see if we can get them to the church some how some way.

We had a super fun activity with president arrington! we went to his house and wrapped presents for the missionaries that arent getting packages. it was really fun filling the boxes for them and wrapping them. plus they made like a bread pudding kinda thing that was sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooood i kinda felt like i was in the states as i ate it! 

But yea all is well here! hope you guys all get home safely and that you guys have a great christmas adam and eve! 

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