Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 26

Yea so life is very very different her than in Linares.

So we work in the office as the housing elders. literally if there is anything you need for you or your house you call us. so its pretty interesting some of the request we get. But it is a lot of work. It has been a little more relaxed this week as cambios are over and everyone have a mattress (at least) because there are a lot of trios this cambio as a lot of people are going home before christmas. 

But i thought i would give you guys a little run down of our schedule 
7:30 we get up and do the regular missionary stuff like pray and eat
10 we need to be in the office
5:30 around this time we usually leave to work if we have finished everything that we need to do for that day, which does happen   
and then we can be out until 10:30

I really am starting to feel like a dad as im in the office because all day i have my 'job' and then i have to go take care of my 'kids' aka searching for people to teach. so thats the job and we also do a lot of other random stuff here in the office like we go through lists of membership records looking to see if there are duplicates and ones that dont have addresses... wohooo thats the one job i kinda hate. But there are soooo many perks to the office! we get a car! its a 2015 kia van its soooo nice plus it has AC uh i feel so blessed. and another perk is that we get to go out for lunch everyday! no more eating huge plates of beans!!! its awesome we really get to run around conce trying all the food its awesome. and one day the senior couple here took us out to lunch to the equivalent of mccormicks and schmitts!!! oh man was that nice... man i love the office. and its pretty fun here with the elders its really just four of us office elders and usually the assistants. we dont see pres here much but we do have meeting with him every monday so yea i do get to know him a little more!

Ok and the sector here! so we literally have the mall and centro part of concepcion in our sector... so it is a pretty hard sector to find, because most of the people here dont live here and are just visiting. but there are some ghetto parts where people do live and some really rich parts, but still its kinda tricky to get into houses. But we have one investigator that is super evangelico and really believes in his church, but he really likes the book of mormon, but for some reason it just isnt clicking for him that if the bom is true that means that we have the restored priesthood. So we are trying to get him to understand that. 

But all is well here!! i really love it in the office and im trying to work hard in both here and the field! i hope that you all had a great week!!!!!! love you all! 

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